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4 Ways to Increase Engagement in Tobacco Cessation

4 ways to improve engagement in tobacco cessation-1

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To help employees successfully quit tobacco, it takes a supportive, proven program. But what does that program look like? The answer has changed.

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  • How new technologies are changing tobacco cessation
  • Evolving approaches to incentives that better support employees to quit
  • The alarming impact of e-cigarette use on employees and the workplace
4 ways to improve engagement in tobacco cessation

Developed by Truth InitiativeĀ® in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the EX Program is a digital cessation program that helps tobacco users quit for good. Through live chat coaching and a thriving social community, the EX Program empowers smokers with compassion and accountability. Using multi-modal tools, the program tailors the quitting journey to individual needs, including e-cigarette users. Plus, the EX Program provides 24/7 support for as long as smokers and ex-smokers need to quit and stay quit. To date, 800,000+ tobacco users have registered for EX, developing the skills and confidence critical for a successful quit. Learn more:

4 ways to improve engagement in tobacco cessation-1

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