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Feedback Is Not the Enemy: How to Facilitate More Meaningful Feedback Conversations

Feedback is Not the Enemy: How to Facilitate More Meaningful Feedback Conversations_385x514.jpg

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embracing a feedback culture

When companies encourage employees to embrace a growth mindset, they support workplace collaboration, innovation and communication. In this environment, a feedback culture can thrive.


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defining feedback

The real value of feedback lies in its ability to be fluid, and it can take on many different forms. Whether top-down or bottom-up, here are a few types of feedback that today’s most successful organizations use to create better company cultures.


putting it into practice

Feedback can be very powerful when facilitated through an employee engagement platform. When various tactics such as check-in conversations or employee recognitions are tracked through a platform, the data can be used to inform managers and provide a clearer picture of an employee’s performance and engagement levels.

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HighGround’s real-time performance management and recognition platform facilitates continuous feedback loops and aligns people to a shared purpose to maximize the potential of teams and bring out the best work. The consumer-like solution gives employees and managers a better way to navigate increasingly fluid workplace dynamics and boost productivity through agile goals, continuous check-in conversations, peer feedback, recognition and pulse surveys. It integrates with everyday workplace applications such as email, collaboration and CRM systems to improve performance within the natural flow of work. HighGround provides workforce insights that are essential to understand organizational health and make wiser decisions about talent investments.

Feedback is Not the Enemy: How to Facilitate More Meaningful Feedback Conversations_385x514

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