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Spread Too Thin: How the Sandwich Generation Is Struggling

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A Growing Millennial Concern

Right now, your workforce probably includes more sandwich generation employees than you think with 1 in 5 employees reporting caring for both children and elders. That trend will only continue to grow as millennials, now 25% of this group, care for their aging Boomer parents.



Beyond a Missed Day of Work

Nearly 40% of sandwiched employees have left a job because it was incompatible with their family needs. And even at work, 47% have turned down a promotion because of caregiving responsibilities.


Meeting This Challenge

In today’s competitive talent market, supporting employees through all life stages is critical for successful recruiting and retention. Learn more about how you can support employees with impactful programs such as back-up child care and elder care.

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More than 1,000 of the world’s most renowned employers across industries look to Bright Horizons for strategic solutions that cultivate high-performance workforces by supporting employees through every life and career stage. We offer on-site and near-site child care, back-up child and elder care, educational and college advising, guidance for parents who have children with special needs, tuition assistance and student loan repayment programs to remove obstacles to careers and skills, plus additional family supports -- all to provide real human-impact services that appeal to the modern workforce and drive greater business results.

Spread Too Thin - How the Sandwich Generation Is Struggling_385x514

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