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State of Meaningful Work: How to Evoke Meaning in the American Workforce

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what is meaningful work?

At the end of the day, we want to believe that the hours we invested in our jobs made a positive contribution to our organizations and the greater good. But how do employees find meaning at work? For employees who do find meaning in their work, what qualities do they share? 

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the research

To gain a clearer understanding of meaningful work and its implications for employers, HighGround asked 1,200 full-time employees across more than 20 industries about meaning in the workplace. After analyzing the data, important insights emerged about what it takes for the modern employee to find meaning in the workplace and how organizations can cater their engagement strategies.


employer influence

Explore how organizations’ mission and values, the employee-boss relationship, and company tenure influence whether an employee finds their work meaningful. Additionally, learn how employers can create an environment fostering meaningful work. 

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HighGround’s real-time performance management and recognition platform facilitates continuous feedback loops and aligns people to a shared purpose to maximize the potential of teams and bring out the best work. The consumer-like solution gives employees and managers a better way to navigate increasingly fluid workplace dynamics and boost productivity through agile goals, continuous check-in conversations, peer feedback, recognition and pulse surveys. It integrates with everyday workplace applications such as email, collaboration and CRM systems to improve performance within the natural flow of work. HighGround provides workforce insights that are essential to understand organizational health and make wiser decisions about talent investments.

State of Meaningful Work - How to Evoke Meaning in the American Workforce_385x514

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