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Tip Sheet: How to Implement an Effective Tobacco Surcharge

How to Implement an Effective Tobacco Surcharge_385x514

What's Covered

Incentives can be effective at increasing engagement with evidence-based treatment. Data from the EX Program by Truth Initiative® shows incentives can engage tobacco users more fully in the quitting process.

In fact, we see clients that offer an incentive enroll 3.5 times more of their eligible employees than clients that do not offer an incentive. Interested in starting a quit-smoking incentive? Download this quick-read content for 4 things to keep in mind. You’ll learn:

  • How to right-size the incentive amount for your population.
  • How long to offer the incentive.
  • How to measure whether the incentive is working to help tobacco users quit.
4 ways to improve engagement in tobacco cessation

Developed by Truth Initiative® in collaboration with Mayo Clinic, the EX Program is a digital cessation program that helps tobacco users quit for good. Through live chat coaching and a thriving social community, the EX Program empowers smokers with compassion and accountability. Using multi-modal tools, the program tailors the quitting journey to individual needs, including e-cigarette users. Plus, the EX Program provides 24/7 support for as long as smokers and ex-smokers need to quit and stay quit. To date, 800,000+ tobacco users have registered for EX, developing the skills and confidence critical for a successful quit. Learn more:


How to Implement an Effective Tobacco Surcharge_385x514



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