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Creating an ‘Ambassadors’ Alumni: Turning Former Employees Into Brand Advocates

Creating an ‘Ambassadors’ Alumni - Turning Former Employees Into Brand Advocates_385x514

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The relationship between employees and employers has changed dramatically in recent years. In the new employee/employer economy, human resources leaders are balancing the need to attract and retain top talent with the knowledge that, at any time, there could be a strategic shift in business focus and a workforce restructuring would be necessary. Creating a culture based on loyalty, trust and mutual respect will ensure that when employees leave the organization, they won’t leave feeling angry and resentful. In a best-case scenario, they will be more than former employees; they will be references and brand ambassadors.

Learn how to maintain your position as an employer of choice by creating positive relationships with alumni.

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Creating an ‘Ambassadors’ Alumni - Turning Former Employees Into Brand Advocates_385x514

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