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Where Outsourcing Meets Confidential Information

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HR departments are taking a digital-first approach to effectively manage processes impacting employees. To achieve this at a high level, the use of technology to enhance the security and day-to-day work lives of both employees and HR personnel plays a central role. This is especially critical in the sensitive area of employment and income verifications.

In this eBook from Aberdeen, learn more about what Best-In-Class organizations consider top-of-mind when looking to automate verification inquiries, including but not limited to:

  • Managing workload and workflow
  • Improving personal data visibility
  • Increasing employee and consumer confidence
  • Maintaining data security
  • Enhancing employee engagement
Inverify Logo.jpg InVerify is the foremost leader in employment and income verification services. InVerify understands that verification inquiries – while essential – are time consuming for both HR and Payroll teams, and distracts from focusing on the most important business asset – people. InVerify manages and executes these services on behalf of our customers to optimize efficiency, minimize risk and enable a higher level of HR service across the organization. To learn more about how we can empower HR teams with a complete employment and income verification solution visit
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