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Why International Business Expansion Needs a New Model

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Global business expansion should be simple. A company sees an opportunity in a new market, or finds talent in a new market, and opens a sales channel there. Done.

It’s what happens in between that makes this sort of global growth a prohibitive challenge. To get even one sales person on the ground overseas, a U.S.-based human resources staff has to navigate the myriad laws, local regulations, tax implications, bank accounts, and payroll hurdles unique to the locale. As a result, the process often fails before it ever had a chance to begin. This scenario is especially true for companies without the infrastructure, expertise, and bandwidth to investigate these challenges abroad.

Globalization Partners LOGO.png Globalization Partners, a Global Professional Employer Organization and employer of record firm, eliminates the barriers to global business by empowering companies to quickly and easily operate internationally without having to establish an in-country subsidiary. Leveraging both high-touch services and proprietary technology, Globalization Partners manages legalities and compliance issues, and takes on all associated risk, and streamlines the employment of a global workforce on behalf of its clients..
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