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2020 Workforce Planning

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What's Covered

One place to start for 2020 workforce planning may be a credible overview of the available talent
outlook. If you can see the supply of talent for the positions you need to fill, you can do a better job of forecasting recruitment costs or make other plans, including outsourcing or development.

Bellevue University has created Workforce Overviews for 15 of the highest demand occupations.


The Corporate Learning Solutions division of Bellevue University works with corporations and other enterprises to support the productivity and competitiveness of their companies by increasing skills, knowledge and talents of workforces. Corporate Learning Solutions has been working with corporations for more than 25 years and has pioneered a wide range of innovative solutions to human capital development.

These include the Human Capital Lab™ — the nation’s first think tank to measure the impact of learning on Key Performance Indicators, custom learning programs that address specific skills and knowledge gaps, and Skill Accelerator™ boot camps. • 877-824-5516

2020 Workforce Planning_385x514


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