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HBR Report: The Growing Divide in Employer Sponsored Health Benefits

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Topics Covered

Best Practices

status quo of health benefits

How the status quo in health benefits is failing employers and their people.


innovation in health benefits

How innovative companies manage benefits like a strategic business unit.

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driving roi from health spend

How employers are driving positive impact and change in healthcare.

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While medical technology continues to take giant steps forward, somehow the systems driving health coverage are still stuck in the past. The experience we have today is confusing. It’s painful. And we all deserve better. Collective Health was founded on the belief that better is possible. With a unique mix of technology and healthcare leadership (and some personal experiences of our own), we bring a fresh perspective to an outdated system. The result? Health insurance you’ll love.

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HBR Report-The Growing Divide in Employer Sponsored Health Benefits_385x514

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