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Hiring and Firing Around the World

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What's Covered

Many companies look outside the U.S. to access a larger and more diverse talent pool than they can otherwise access. However, intricacies of country-specific labor laws present HR challenges and legal snags that are quite different from what we take for granted in the U.S. When working across borders and cultures, it’s essential to learn the requirements before hiring your first international employee or contractor.

To bring awareness to surprising facts about international labor markets, Andrea Dumont, Senior Vice President of Marketing for Globalization Partners, presented Hiring & Firing Around the World: Avoid Legal Tripwires in the Top
Countries for Global Expansion. Guests Francisco Mendez and Justin Hill, Senior Managers of Global Operations for Latin America and the United Kingdom respectively, shared real-world scenarios and solutions.

Packed with information, this quick, helpful webinar provides an overview of legal and cultural considerations along with tips on how to build a successful global team.

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