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How to Measure Your Tech Recruiting Success?

How to Measure Your Tech Recruiting Success?_385x514

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What Metrics SHOULD YOU BE TrackING?

There is no recruitment team out there that does not constantly need to optimize in order to continue attracting the right talent in a fast changing marketplace. Since the assumption is everyone could always be doing more, the question becomes: more of what?

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Identify Gaps In Your Hiring Process

It's all about identifying the things that already work well, but in most companies, there are also a few gaps, and finding those weak spots can help maximize your ROI. The first step is to look at ‘Conversion funnel’, to see how many prospects move from one level to the next.

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KPIs Examples and Possible Action Items

The KPIs discussed using the funnel can answer the questions that are urgent right now. For example: How do I split my budget across recruiting platforms? Look at ten example KPIs and possible action points — learn what metric to look at and why this might be insightful.

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How to Measure Your Tech Recruiting Success?_385x514


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