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My First Employer Branding Campaign

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Workplace Culture

Build Your First Employer Branding Campaign

With demand outpacing supply, you need effective employer branding campaigns that specifically target developer expectations and clearly articulate the case for your company culture. But how to get started?

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5-Step Approach

In this eBook, we'll tackle the five steps you need to build a solid recruiting foundation, get your campaign off the ground, and attract top-tier developer interest.

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Your Employer Branding Campaign Is On — Now What?

As you build out more sophisticated branding and recruiting campaigns, it's essential to understand which metrics to track as well as keep optimizing all your developer-facing communication.

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More than 50 million professional and aspiring programmers visit Stack Overflow each month to help solve coding problems, develop their skills, and find job opportunities. Attract the world’s best tech talent, post jobs and share your company’s story on the site they know and trust. At Stack Overflow Talent, we help you write effective job listings, reach the right people, and build your brand. So you can hire talent — fast.

​My First Employer Branding Campaign_385x514


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