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The Data-Driven Future

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This white paper explores how technology and data analytics can support and drive improved efficiencies and processes. We can no longer rely on doing things the way we have always done them or measuring success the way we have always measured it. We must ensure that we are measuring the right data points, and then use that data to drive HR decisions around how to use technology to foster workplace collaboration, customize compensation packages, and optimize onboarding and workforce planning. Applying the right metrics will reveal the path forward. Data drawn from Workforce Business Intelligence Board research.

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Workforce applies the scientific principles of engineering and research to advance the happiness, welfare and efficiency of those who work. Pioneered by James R. Angell President of Yale and Carnegie Corp. the origins of Workforce stretch back 97 years to a joint initiative between the Engineering Foundation and the National Research Council. Our call is the continued growth and unification of these modern engineering, labor, management and educational bodies to lead workforce science to its farthest possible forward point.

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The Data-Driven Future_385x514


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